Terracotta Warrior of Qin Dinasty
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During the Warring States Period, the Prince of Yan sent a famous assassinator Jing Ke to kill the King of Qin.
Jing Ke, together with the warrior Qing Wuyang, left for Qin with the head of Fan Wuqi, a defector of Qin and the map of Dukang, the most fertile land of Yan. 

Approaching the River Yi, Jing Ke sung a heartbroken song impassionedly, "The River Yi is cold as the wind blows, the hero will never return after this departure." 

Ip Chun Practicing Wing Chun Martial Art
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Han Xin (?-196BC), a famous general in Ancient China, made a great contribution to the foundation of Western Han Dynasty. However, before joining the army led by Liu Bang, Han Xin was living a very poor life. He was bad in business, and was unwilling to be a farmer, so he had to depend on others and even beg for living.  

Wine Vessel from Spring and Autumn Period
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 During the Spring and Autumn Period, Duke Xian of the State of Jin Killed the crown prince Shen Sheng because he had heard slander about Shen Sheng and believed it. 

He also sent his men to arrest Chong Er, Shen Sheng’s brother. Hearing the news, Chong Er escaped from the State of Jin, remaining a fugitive for more than ten yeasrs. After innumerable hardship, Chong Er arrived at the State of Chu at last.  

King Cheng of the State of Chu treated him with high respect as he would have treated the rule of a state, believing that he would have a bright future.  King Cheng of the State of Chu gave a banquet in honor of Chong Er. 

Suddenly, amid the harmonious atmosphere of drinking and talking, King Cheng of the State of Chu asked Chong Er, "How will you repay me when you return to the state of Jin and become its ruler one day?” 

Chong Er answered, "If I should be fortunate enough to return to the State of Jin and become its ruler, the States of Jin would be friendly to the State of Chu. If, one day there should be a war between the two states, I would  definetely order my troops to retreat thirty miles as a condition for peace. If, under that condition, you were still not reconciled, then I would fight with you”.  

Four year later, as might be expected, Chong Er returned to the State of Jin and became its ruler. He was the famous Duke Wen in history books. Under his management, the State of Jin became increasingly powerful. 

In the year 633 B.C., the Chu troops and the Jin troops confronted each other in a battle. Faithful to his promise, Duke Wen of the State of Jin ordered his troops to retreat about thirty miles before he fought back and defeated the Chu army.
Koi Carp Fish
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Zhuangzhou’s famly was poor and so he went to borrow grain from Duke Jianhe, the superintendent of river-courses. The superintendent said,”All right.  When I get the revenue of my fief, I will lend you three hundred yuan. Will that do?” 

Tang Dynasty Dance
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 In the Tang Dynasty, there lived a person called Chun Yufen. One day, his friend came to celebrate his brithday, and Chun Yufen was drinking under an old pagoda tree. When he became drunk, he fell asleep dazzledly, Chun Yufen met with two atomies who took him into the giant hole in the tree, to have a ride to the  great Kingdom of Pagoda. 

Zhuge Liang Discussing Strategy
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The story happened during the period of the Three Kindoms. Once Cao Cao from Wei led a 200,000 strong army down to the south to wipe out the kingdoms of Wu and Shu. 

Therefore, Wu and Shu united to defend his attack. Cao ordered his men to link up the boats by iron chains to from a bridge for the Cao’s passing from the north bank of Yangtze River to the south bank. 

Bronze ice container (bingjian) of the Warring States Period.
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It happened in the warring States Period. At a banquet of Qin, Lin Xiangru, a senior offical of Zhao, with his wit and bravery, earned much reputation for Zhao . 

In gratitude the king promoted Lin Xiangru to Shangdafu (senior offical in feudal China) and soon to Shangqing, which ranked even higher and equal to Prime Minister. 

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 In 100 BC, Su Wu (140-60 BC) was sent by Emperor Wu of Han on a diplomatic mission to pay a goodwill visit to Han. However, the situation had changed and he was detained before sending to Lake Beihai herding sheep. It was cold and uninhabited. 

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Between 1751 and 1784, Emperor Qianlong (1711-1799 AD) traveled six times to the south of the Yangtze River, which mainly referred to the two key province of Jiangsu and Zhejing. It seemed that he was on a tour, but actually he was on a political trip for the consolidation and growth of the heyday of Qing Dynasty.  

Neither Jiangsu nor Zhejiang was large in area or population, but both were “ land of fish and rice” that played an important role in the fields of both economy and literal atrs. One the other hand, the two provinces were also the bastian of Ming loyalism with active anti-Manchu sentiment and rebellions. 

To consolidate its rule over China, Qing court must put these two provinces under domination.  These tourt might differ in purpose, but generally speaking, the emperor had the following things on mind: investigating the officaldom, inspecting river projects and trying to win over  elites in political,  ideological and cultural fields. 

After a long-time deposition, feudal China ushered in the age of integration in such field as politics, economy and cultural during the 60-year reign of Emperor Qianlong.
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The famous general Guan Yu in the Three Kingdoms was not only an expert at martial arts but also a men of courage. Once, while leading the army to fight, Guan Yu was shot by a poisonous arrow, which numbed his right arm. The highly skilled doctor-Hua Tuo got the news and came all the way to give him a special treatment. 

After checking the wound, Hua Tuo said, “the poison has reached the bone, and if not cured in time, you may lose this arm. The outside treatment won’t help at all now,and there is anly one way the cured it, which might scare you”. 

Guan Yu laughed and said, “even death won’t scare me. What could be scarier?” Huo Tuo added, “only by cutting open the flesh and scaping poison off the bone can the poisoned arm heal”. Hearing this, Guan YU said with a smile, “it’s not big deal to cut the flesh open”. 

Then he eternained Hua Tuo and asked him to do it. Hua Tuo took out the scalpel cutting open the flesh and scraped the black bone. Everyone present was frightened to cover their eyes and some even went white while Guan continued drinking and playing chess without any fear. 

After applying the medicine and suturing the wound, Guan Yu stood up stretching his arm and said, “  my arm can move again. Sir, you are really amazing”. Hua Tuo spoke highly of him, “since I started medical practice, I have never seen anyone like you. You are a magic general. “seeing the bloody water in the basin, everyone was shocked.